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Welcome to our first newsletter of 2009!  We look forward to keeping you updated with doodle news and highlights of the newest additions to our site.

James Preller, Childrens Book Author, continues to entertain us with his blog pieces written by Goldendoodle, Daisy.  Read Daisy's latest entry -  



 Delta Society  -  Gerry & Betsy of  Adorable Downeast Labradoodles are participants in the Intermountain Therapy Animal’s (ITA) R.E.A.D.® Program (www.therapyanimals.org).

 Tuesdays With Tully  -  CLICK HERE  to read flyer

 Guide Dogs of America  -  Amy Lane of Fox Creek Farm donated Teddy to their Guide Dog program


 Adventures in Canine Training, Inc.  -  brings you  
Canine Development - Toys & Chews:  Puzzle Toys & Brain Teasers


Dog / Puppy Food Calculator (with Cost Calculator)  - a new & improved version of the popular


A Dood For All Seasons -  new photo additions to Winter are Marley and Maxwell Shaggypants.


New articles

January 27, 2009  -  DNA tests show Almost Heaven kennel in Upper Milford tricked dog buyers  -  article by Bill White of The Morning Call

January 15, 2009  - The Chai Story -  This is an informational warning about unsafe toy balls.   (A story well worth repeating - Thank you to Beth for sending this in)           Caution - vivid content.

January 13, 2009  - Narrowed choice for Obama dog -  ABC Chicago News news story  -   The Obama family has narrowed their choices for a presidential pooch.   Features interview and video with Labradoodle and PWD owner, Greg Hiss.  Greg's Labradoodle was bred by Tasha Miller of Naperdoodles.

January 5, 2009  -  Cocoa Bean Mulch is Toxic to Dogs  (Thank you to Al of Barksdale Labradoodles for sending this in.  It's been printed before, but it's well worth repeating)  
It is available at several large stores and is an attractive and nice smelling mulch. Too nice smelling to the dogs who will eat it!

December 14, 2008 - Hypoallergenic hounds: Many breeds can be easy on the allergies - Written by Teri Greene for The Montgomery Advisor. "...According to goldendoodles.com Web master Blue Sterling of Ontario, the hybrid breed was first deliberately bred in North America in the mid-1990s in an effort to achieve a larger version of the beloved cockapoo."

December 12, 2008 - HSI Canada - Quebec is considered by many to be the puppy mill capital of Canada, producing hundreds of thousands of puppies annually for distribution across the country. By shutting down mills there, we are helping to cut off a major supply of puppy mill puppies.
Please take action today -- write to your Member of Parliament to urge support for a strong national law to make puppy mills a thing of the past in Canada. You have the power to stop the suffering of innocent puppies -- please act now to help change their lives for the better.


Recent additions to archives

•  Dec. 12, 2008  -  Subject: Question about Breeders Assistant software      LINK TO POST

•  Dec. 12, 2008  -  Subject: Breeding Article, very helpful (Improving Fertility)      LINK TO POST


Connor was a sweet, bright, funny 8½-year-old who adored his Goldendoodle service dog, Casey -  Working Doods, 4 Paws For Ability.    To read more about Connor, please visit his personal website here - http://connorscott99.blogspot.com/

In memory of Connor, a non-profit charity has been founded. The mission of Connor's House is to support children with complex health care needs, together with their families, by creating a community of support helping them to embrace each day and live life to its fullest.

Connor's House -  http://www.connorshouse.org/

Wishing everyone all the best through these cold winter months!  Hug a Dood!


Blue Sterling