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Congratulations to Fenway and owner P. Matthias

$25 Donation to:
Huntingdon County Humane Society

 Doodle News
 December 7, 2010  -  Seized dogs, pups for adoption in Spokane County
"Sixty dogs from a Labradoodle breeding operation that was raided in July are now available for adoption...SCRAPS Director Nancy Hill said the dogs include Labradoodles, poodles, terriers and other breeds."
For more information -

 Great Holiday Gift Ideas

 Here are some great gift ideas for Dood lovers!   Click on the image for more info

 Additional notes & photos by Orseno Family

 Recommended Trainers    
 in  New York  -  The Cultured Canine


 Doods in Costumes
New addition  :    Miss Murphy - Halloween Day       Murphy all set for a run


 Canine Cancer Campaign  
'Join the K9 Cancer Walk effort.
Make a donation, attend a K9 Cancer Walk, or host a walk in your home town!'

"The "K9 Cancer Walk" is a fund raising effort benefiting the Morris Animal Foundation's Canine Cancer Campaign. The Canine Cancer Campaign is a focused, targeted effort to raise $30 million to funds which will support 10-15 years of canine cancer research studies with the goal of finding a cure for canine cancer."

Find out more about the K9 Cancer Walks in your area  :
Upcoming walks:
Elk Grove, California  -   5/7/2011

 Connor's House
The mission of Connor's House is to support children with complex health care needs, together with their families, by creating a community of support that helps them to embrace each day and live life to its fullest.

Holiday Cards - On Sale Now

Connor's House Upcoming Events

4th annual Connor's Courageous Kids Book Fair on Feb. 27 - Mar. 1, 2011

Visit Connor's House at

 Doodle Messenger  -   Lost Dogs
The Doodle Messenger is a website where Goldendoodle and Labradoodle owners, friends and family, corporations, organizations, breeders, medical supply companies, veterinarians, groomers, and next door neighbors can come to donate for a Doodle who is in urgent medical need  -

LOST DOGS -  Have you seen any of these dogs?

Chiefland, FL
Rockville, MD
New York, NY
Redding, CA
St. Cloud, FL
Jefferson MD
Rts 52 - 9, Georgia
Oak Hills, CA

For more info (& larger photos) on these dogs, please visit -

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