Luna lives with Carrell Grigsby, Photographer, Austin TX

The map and the navigation bar on the Breeders page now link to new pages listing breeders by state or province. The large table remains on the page for a large overview, and the added state/province listings make it easier for prospective owners to view a variety of nearby states at a glance.

A new feature in the listing is the column 'Breeding Doods Since', listing which year the breeder started breeding Doods.  Some information was easily found on websites, others were guestimations.  Please take a peek at the new state/province listings and let me know if I need to make any corrections.



 Doods & Coat Colours
new addition to Apricot, Socrates the F1 Goldendoodle

   August, 2009  -  CLIX Sound Phobia CD  (thank you to Linda Rogers from Timshell Farm for sending this in)
This CD helps sound phobic dogs through desensitization, and includes 30 common sounds.

 August 8, 2009  -    Dogs as Smart as 2-year-old Kids -   by Jeanna Bryner, Senior Writer
"The canine IQ test results are in: Even the average dog has the mental abilities of a 2-year-old child."

 August 2, 2009  -    Goldendoodle wins dog agility contest at fair -   by M.K. Guetersloh
Shelby won first place in a dog agility competition at the McLean County Fair at the Interstate Center

 July 2009  -    Australian Labradoodle Smooth receives the Heart of Hospice Award
Congratulations to Al & Jacqueline Gordy of Barksdale Labradoodles!  Each year Hospice gives out an "Outstanding Volunteer Service Award".  This year it went to a Non-Human for the first time -  Southern Cross Smooch ThD, AKC-CGC, (c:ed), (c:h) and the ranking Dood with Barksdale Labradoodles.


 Photo Fun #1
Everyone stop panting, there is going to be doodle drooldle in the car!

 A Dood For All Seasons
New additions to Summer :   The Catch I'm gonna take up some sun every little boy needs a doodle for a friend Wrigley in his new pool! Gotcha!  Lucy studying economics Lambo at 6 months


 Barking Mad  (thank you to Adele from Goldendoodles-Australia for sending this in)
Barking Mad is a member based organisation in Australia representing responsible pet owners.  They lobby all levels of government for fair access to beaches, parks, transport and accomodation.  To learn more, please visit their website here -

 Canine Cancer Campaign  -  Upcoming Events

 The Estes Park Volunteers are hosting the first K9K in Colorado!   Join them at Stanley Park in Estes Park, CO on September 19th!   Join the volunteers for a K9K Walk to Cure Canine Cancer benefiting Morris Animal Foundation's Canine Cancer Campaign.     Registration 8 a.m. * Walk starts at 9 a.m.

For More Information on the K9K Walk to Cure Canine Cancer

For more information on Morris Animal Foundation fundraising events -
 September 13 ,  WoofStock - Rocklin,   Johnson-Springview Park, Rocklin, Calif.
 September 19 ,  Bark in the Park ,  William Street Park, San Jose, Calif.
 October 4 ,  WoofStock - El Dorado Hills ,  El Dorado Hills Community Park, Calif.
 October 10-11 , Bay Area Pet Expo and Adoptathon ,  Marin Fairgrounds, San Rafael, Calif.


Recent additions to archives

 July 25, 2009   -   reference website  -  Breeding Better Dogs   LINK

 August 15, 2009  -  Mastisis pre-whelp problem    LINK

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