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Everyone stop panting, there is going to be doodle drooldle
in the car!
sandy lucas
Oodles of Doodles
kerry conway
Girls night out
catherine l. gelblum
New concepts in "Car Poodling" to save the environment
joe allanson
And we're off like a herd of Turtles!
beverley lalonde
Are we there yet?
beverley lalonde
Can you move over a bit ?  Your Doodle is in my face.
joe allanson
Who let the dogs out?
Darnit!  I left my keys in my other coat pocket.
Cathy Walker
Well we all can't stick our heads outside, somebody has to
drive the thing!
Cathy Walker
Anyone here born with an opposable thumb?  I can't drive stick.
Cathy Walker
Darnit!  Only 15 more Doods and we've got ourselves
a world record.
Cathy Walker
Ayyyyy!   Que Pesa!!!!  Looking Good!
Cathy Walker
Is this a hybrid?  
Jon & Susan Berlin
Rihanna song "Shut-up and Drive"  
Jon & Susan Berlin
Okay, who has the keys?   
Blue Sterling
We are family..... I got all my brothers and me!
Amy - owner of Theo
in the driver's seat!
Did anyone remember to bring the hair spray?
hey doods wanna ride?
Rachel Berlin
bad to the bone
Rachel Berlin
Looks like the team bus left...
does anyone have directions to the away game???
Fran Kohlmeier
Darn it, Phil, you're going to make the whole car pool late!
Peggy Sleeper
Doods with 'tudes
Lisa Munley
Hey,  Dude,  is this our car?
Christopher Babcock, Sr.
Let's All Go To The Lobby


LOUIE & friends sent in by Don Curle

"I've HAD IT now! Quit yackin' in there!"
Bill Hemrich


Lola loves to play in the sprinklers in during our hot summers
C. Canning


Lola in the mint plant
C. Canning