A couple of pirates with their treasure chest....AKA...Ramen Doodle
shared by the Amos Family

Formal Attire                                                        Margarita

Stan, The Texas Dood
lives with the Simpson Family

Pride & joy of the Haucke Family

Hairy "Paw"ter
Cassidy at Halloween sent in by Barb

Miss Murphy - Getting ready for St. Paddy's Day
sent in by J. Gallagher

Are you done playing dress up?
sent in by David Smith

Will gets in the act puts Jog for the Jake cap on Miss Murphy
Murphy all set for a run
Sent in by JoAnn Gallagher

Miss Murphy  -  Halloween Day 2010
Sent in by JoAnn Gallagher

Stewart Kruger
as Mel Gibson in Braveheart
Halloween 2010

HAPPY HARVEST!   …from Baci
courtesy of Tuscan Ridge Labradoodles

Happy Birthday Dood
courtesy of SpringFall Kennel

Easter Sunday 2010
 Murphy says don't you people ever get tired of embarrassing me

"What do they think I am, an Irish Duck Dog?"
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Miss Murphy, age 11 mos., minus her Halloween hat.
She kept pulling it off.
Sent in by JoAnn Gallagher

We love our doodle, KC. She is one jazzy doodle.
Sent in by Carol Gower

PRINCESS BRIANA DOODLE sent in by Debbie Barclay & the gang
(Australian Labradoodle - 10 months old)

GRACIE sent in by Dale Robinson