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Reuben’s Webpage

Reuben was born on May 16th, 2007. The day before we left for a trip overseas, I saw him for sale on the internet and contacted his human parents in Melbourne. We exchanged photos and I kept in touch during our trip.

His doggie parents Oscar and Lilly looked wonderful -

 and he looked gorgeous.

When we came back he arrived on August 30th on a plane in a crate.

I had the rescue remedy and a wonderful, warm bed with lots of toys for him to feel welcome.

He didn’t cry the first night although he was a bit shell-shocked from the plane ride. He was already 15 weeks old.

Reuben has been a delight and full of mischief. He is growing before my very eyes! As the weeks go on, I realize how very intelligent he is. In the last couple of weeks, he has learned sit, drop and today he stayed for a long time while his food sat there. I also point out to him what’s on and what’s not and mostly he’s pretty good about it although he did win on the sofa.

Reuben doesn’t look particularly groodle-ish yet - he looks more golden retriever although a very curly stripe is moving down the back and slowly, slowly his legs are getting woolier and woolier - although he doesn’t have the curly coat, he doesn’t shed a hair. How lucky was that!

His funniest feature so far is falling asleep in yogi-type postures mostly on his back with legs in the air and head twisted in something that is almost physically impossible. I can’t wait to see how he will continue to grow and know that he is going to be just the most amazing dog when he’s grown up - but hey, who wants to rush the puppy phase - except for when he’s dug a big trench and buried his soft toy bunny and then brought the dirt inside!