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Molly's Page

This is Molly our 9 month old F1 Standard Groodle. Molly was born on 25th November 2005 in Barham NSW. Molly now resides in Wollongong NSW with us. Molly came to us at 12 weeks of age as a very timid and unsure puppy. We purchased Molly from a pet shop in Sydney, she had been at the pet shop for a period of 4 weeks, behind a glass cage, with little interaction with humans. She had missed 4 weeks of freedom, interaction and love. It took Molly several weeks to adapt to her new home, all the smells, noises and things around her. The first two days of her new life with us, she spent curled up on the lounge, wouldn't move, wouldn't eat or drink. Poor little sole.

Molly is far from that now, certainly not that little timid unsure puppy. She is a big ball of joy, full of energy, with lots of love to give.

Molly loves to play ball. She definitely has the retriever instinct in her. She plays ball with my husband every evening, and never ever tires. Just keeps bringing the ball back every time.

Molly also loves to play tug of war with our other dog, Sasha an Australian Kelpie. They are certainly best of friends. Molly can't wait for the summer to return so that she can go and jump in our swimming pool. She absolutely loves the pool. Throw the tennis ball in, in she goes in to retriever it. She loves swimming around with us, and best of all she doesnt shed everywhere, so the pool stays clean!!.

It gets pretty hot here in the summer, so we keep her coat short for her comfort, and in the winter we let it grow long. Its hard work maintaining her coat. She doesn't shed at all, so she needs brushing every day when her coat is long. she is a grub, loves to big holes in the yard and roll in the dirt.

Under all that hair there is a very smart puppy. She is ever so smart, and getting smarter as she grows and matures. Molly attends agility classes, hopefully once she turns 12 months old she will be ready to start jumping the agility course.

We are very blessed to have our Miss Molly, she is so gentle and loving. There is not a bad bone in her body. We couldn't have asked for a better dog. Heaven sent she is.

My husband quotes:-

"All that Molly needs in her life is good food, a tennis ball, a human to throw the tennis ball, and of course lots and lots of love and hugs."

We can't imagine life without our Molly.

Molly getting a big cuddle from Daddy

Molly taking her first swim of the summer in our pool