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Maggie's Story

When my Groodle Blue reached the 1-year mark, I started to think about getting a playmate for him. Of course, it had to be another Groodle - but this time maybe a black, female?!?

Maggie was born at the 17 Nov 2006 to Carly, an F1 Groodle, and Nelson, a Standard Poodle, at Rivergum Designer Puppies. I visited the puppies when Maggie was 6 weeks old. She is one out of 6 black females in the litter - that certainly was not an easy choice.

At 9 1/2 weeks she went on her first flight from Melbourne to Brisbane, where she now lives with Blue and me. Maggie graduated puppy preschool with flying colours. She loves to play with her “big brother” and Blue is very gentle and patient with her. In fact, the three most important things for her are:

1. Playing with Blue

2. Eating

And last but not least: Sleeping, as you can see in the so called “variation of a sleeping beauty”:

Maggie is growing soooo fast, and she and Blue still get along very well.