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Maggie's Page

Maggie in Canada with the Sterling Family
Maggie was born in September 2003 at Burkhart's Kennels in Canada.  At 2 months old, Maggie went to live for 3 months with Sunny & Shadow, until she was old enough to fly to Hong Kong without staying in quarantine.  She was a wonderful pup, adored by the four kids, and even the 3 cats.  Here are some of our favourite pics of her....

Maggie's last days in Canada were very snowy ones!   At the end of February, the Sterling Family said goodbye to Maggie, and sent her to her home in Hong Kong.

Maggie at home in Hong Kong

Maggie has been such a good girl. We are now house broken and is starting to "come" when she is called. We have a very large garden area outside of our flat that we take her and Lucy out to go potty. She no longer needs a lead and stays within the garden area, even if another dog is walking by. She is loved by everyone. When I walk the kids to school or when I take her to go shopping everyone comes and greets her and gives her love. She loves all the attention. People I don't even know, know Maggie. She is just beautiful. I could not ask for a better pet. She is great with the kids and Lucy (our shit-tzu). She is a very social dog and loves playing with all the dogs in the area. Maggie now know which dogs are good and which a bad.

The most beautiful story about Maggie is over the last couple of months there is a women who has two older dogs, one is blind. They are very frighten of people and other dogs and can be very aggressive (mainly because they are old and cannot see). The women is also very protective. Well the first time Maggie came upon these dogs they were very frighten and aggressive and the women was not pleased with Maggie. Over time Maggie has warmed the hearts of these two little dogs and the women. Now the dogs happily great Maggie and the women takes them off the leads and lets them play. The women is so pleased when Maggie comes along. She has never encounter she a sweet dog like Maggie. Given Maggie's size people are very scared of her at first. (especially the Chinese).

The weather has become very hot and Maggie is not impressed. (I have not had Maggie cut and I am not sure how to cut her. I thought I should cut her mainly because it is so hot. Any suggestions?) She stays inside during the day and gets her walk in the evening when it is cooler. If we have a cooler day I take her hiking in the mountains. She loves it. She is a great hiker. She plays in the rock pools with the tadpoles. :) I love her company as well. Her playfulness and her constant smile on her face is beautiful.