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Mac's Page  -   Germany

The biggest photo is Mac in our front yard in Germany. From Top right, on down: Mac's baby picture from Timshell Farms  ; Mac on the Train to Heidelberg, Germany; Mac chilling on the couch after play time; Mac on graduation day from level 4 obedience training; and Mac a month after we got him home in Kansas (March 2012).

Since the day we picked up Mac (and his sister Molly) in Feb 2012, he has been a joy and a blessing to our Family. Shortly after getting Mac home, we started our preparation for moving to Germany. While in Kansas, Mac was able to complete all four levels of Obedience training (he was recognized as the smartest, most well behaved pup in the class by the instructor). Mac handled the flight to Germany like a champ and is truly enjoying it here.

Germany is quite different than America when it comes to dogs.Here dogs are treated like royalty.... they are allowed everywhere; stores, trains, restaurants, hotels, and anywhere else a human is allow. The many walking trails here is what Mac loves the most; him and I will go for a walk and easily be gone for 2-3 hours. The obedience training really paid off, since the German people pride themselves in the discipline of there dogs.

I have told many friends around the world (since we're Military, our friends are scattered about the world) about Linda and Steve and their amazing babies at TimShell Farms. We are looking forward to getting back to the states so we can add another Family member to our Family.

Mac's Family