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Lewis's Page

Lewis lives in Melbourne, Australia with Jo & Rab, and Boedy the Golden Retriever.

After having our Golden Retriever for two years without any brothers or sisters, my fiance and I thought it would be a good time to add to the family.

Boedy, with happy smiles when we brought his new brother home!

Although we absolutely adore Boedy, our Golden, the amount of hair he loses can at times be a little frustrating!  Also, he's not the most active dog unless he's at the park, and we thought he could benefit from having a little more 'active' company and that's where 'Lewis' comes into it.  

Lewis & Boedy....

...romping in the garden

We had read about the Goldendoodles or Groodles as we call them in Australia through your website and a breeder here in Melbourne.  After reading all the of stories provided on your web we thought that a Groodle would suit us perfectly.  So, two weeks ago, to the day, we brought home our second doggy 'son'!

always curious...

Lewis has definitely been the best thing that could ever have happened to Bo and we're enjoying watching Lewis grow.  He is such a confident and curious little pup and he loves water which suits Bo perfectly! (They have a little kids pool that they play in every day!).

A wet and grubby Groodle (after playing in the pool!!)

Lewis is definitely a smart little bloke and seems to understand everything we say and then decide whether or not he'd like to comply!  

Tired after a play....

He is growing at such a fast rate and we'd love to keep updating his antics as he continues to grow into what we believe will be a fine old Groodle!

Asleep amongst the flowers after a hot day swimming!

We'd just like to send you guys some updated photos of Lewis, the Groodle from downunder!!  He's now 15 weeks old and so lively.  His personality has exploded, becoming a confident, entertaining and loveable pup.  We hope you all enjoy the new pics.

Lewis is growing up REALLY quick - he's 15kg (thats um, 33lbs I think).   Here's Lewis at nearly five months!

Lewis is always happy about everything,

but especially a ride in the car!!

He has grown so long and shaggy!!

At last he sits still for a great close up!!

Here's Lewis with his best mate....Bo!


Well, Lewis has grown into a strapping fine young man at 9 months of age!!  He has become the most suprisingly cuddly and affectionate dog!! He follows us around wherever we go and Boedy just adores him!!

This is Lewis a couple of months ago, at around the age of 6 months.

Two best mates!

Boys being boys!

Lewis is now one and a half!! He is awesome!! We absolultely adore the giant shag-pile that he's turned into, he is so amusing and incredibly smart. He certainly wasn't the easiest puppy to 'bring up' but all of the hard work has certainly paid off and he's such a brilliant part of our family, we love him!

The boys are doing great here and I think Lew is finally growing out of his puppy stage!! We can actually tire him out now!! This summer he's been swimming nearly every day and he's just loving it!

Lewis finally had to have a 'hairy' after his coat became very unmanageable. He wasn't enjoying the hour long brushes each day so the coat had to go!! It was difficult to get use to at first but it actually really suits his lifestyle of swimming and running really well!!

Mr Sleepy Head