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Henri's Page

this is our Henri...we couldn't believe how lucky we were for him to come into our lives...

we think Henri was born hungry!...over the next few months Henri ate nearly evry plant in our garden...

henri started growing...we were wondering when he was going to to start getting the groodle look..

Henri's favourite game is "try to eat the ball"...still waiting for his hair to stop shedding and take on the poodle traits

henri at 6months old and still growing

Henri got bigger and bigger

What a beauty our Henri turned out to be...he is the most faithfull loving and well behaved pup we've ever had..his intelligence is of the scale...he is so much part of our lives...to leave him for one day is a day too long

this is our Henri today at 3 years old....he sheds hair like crazy...is always hungry...but the love he gives back to us  is priceless

this is the latest picture of our Henri...he's a big boy!