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Harvey's Page

We have a very important warning for anyone looking to 'adopt ' a Golden Doodle - get ready to answer the question "what breed is your dog?!"... ALOT!! Harvey is so used to hearing it now that he won't leave the park until at least 3 people ask ;) And also be warned that going for a walk takes twice as long as you think it will, because you get stopped so often by people wanting to admire your beautiful big fluffy dog.

Having a ball!

Harvey was born on 13/08/04 at Rivergum Designer Puppies in Victoria, Australia. His Dad - Nelson - is a black standard poodle and Mum - Pearl - is a creamy coloured golden retriever. Harvey came to live with my hubby and I in Sydney when he was just 9 weeks old. It's hard to remember he was ever this small.

aged 6 weeks

He's a really clever dog and is doing great in Puppy School - we've just graduated to 3rd class! Though he looks like a giant teddy bear, he does need reminding who's boss, so probably wouldn't suit someone who's not willing to go to obedience training. He would much prefer to play and is truly happiest when playing with his girlfriend, Poppy the beagle . They can play together for HOURS!! No really... hours and hours ...

But I'm so cute!

And when he's finished playing he spreads himself out on the floor as flat as he can, like a groodle fur rug, and dreams of the next time he can go playing again.

Please can I go out to play now, mum?

We couldn't imagine life without him, and as soon as we can find a house with a bigger yard, we'll be expanding our 'family' and getting Harvey a little brother or sister - another groodle, of course!!

Harvey aged 10 months, with his family