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Frodo's Page
Chico and Frodo
I picked my dood up in London 19th of August. Because of all the bomb-threats, I had to check in the puppy food that I got with me from Susan (the breeder). Everyone at Heathrow wanted to have a little chat with us. :o) They were really kind.

We got home 0300 in the morning on Sunday. The first thing Frodo did was to go and steal some of the food that Chico didn't eat. And he has been doing that ever since. We have to give Chico his food in a different room or else he will not get any.

Frodo is with me in the office for a week now. He's mostly sleeping, when he's not, he tries to eat the cables to my computers. And of course everyone here wants to play with him. I also have a colleague who tries to learn him Norwegian.

When we get home in the afternoon, Frodo is SO happy to see his "big brother" Chico. He just loves to play with him. Chico is not that happy to have this little brat ruin his sleep, but they are good friends.

Frodo and the rest of his brothers and sisters are going to be on the cover of Dogs Today's October edition.

Frodo is doing great and growing fast. He learns a lot of stuff from Chico. Like barking(!) and lifting he’s leg when peeing.
He’s like a little sponge and follows his “big brother” everywhere, imitating him.

Chico has been helping us train Frodo. Here we practice sit.

Frodo is growing fast, here he’s only 10 weeks old

One of his favorite things to do (except eating) is running around in the forest with Chico.

Get that treat lower, my neck’s hurting!

Make way, here I come! Frodo loves the snow and the winter here in Norway.
Only problem is that the snow’s really sticking to his fluffy fur. So we have to remove big lumps of snow all day long when he’s out.

He’s really getting hairy now.

Frodo is getting bigger, he’s a little over 30 kilos now. But Chico is about 60 kilos.
Guess who the boss is? :o)

20.11.2009 Chico had to be put down. He vas old and sick.
Frodo was looking for him for a couple of days, but seemed to forget him fast.
But he never goes to Chico's favourite place in the livingroom.

Frodo is back to his normal self and never stops to amaze us.
He is as active today as he was as a puppy.
He loves to play and cuddle.