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Finnegan's Page

This is Finnegan the ultra-cool-dood, who lives with Lisa in QLD, Australia. He was born on November 17th 2002, and is one of Kate Schoeffel's first litter of mini-goldendoodles.

Finn's much anticipated arrival at Brisbane airport on January 10th was a fantastic start to the New Year. It really was "love at first sight"!! His coat is unbelievably soft and so far shows no sign of shedding ~ fingers crossed it stays that way!!

Finn slept soundly for the three hour drive home and then delighted us by staying asleep the entire first night in his new house....even if it *was* on the hard floorboards instead of in his nice new soft comfy bed! This trend of sleeping through the night has continued and on weekends he'll usually sleep in until I decide to get up. That's my kind of puppy!!!

Although he is extremely affectionate, Finnegan also has a very definite independent streak. He had a wonderful time exploring the garden the first few days and has shown a love of the outdoors ever since.

When I get home from work each day, he will give me an excited welcome and cuddle for a few minutes, but then usually takes himself back outside to keep going with whatever adventure I interrupted. A very intelligent dog, he learns quickly and then decides whether or not he will comply with the "command".

At ten weeks, Finnegan had completely settled into his new life without any dramas at all. His legs grew a bit longer, meaning he felt free to claim the sofa for his own, and regularly scout around on the low tables for anything interesting.

His love of sleep is second only to his love of CHEWING!!!! Finn will have a go at chewing anything and everything ~ including the toilet brush, fingers, toes, washing, remote controls, chair legs, the water from the shower nozzle...etc etc. He *is* learning the appropriate things to chew, but is still tempted at times to "hug with his mouth"!

Every day he shows me a different aspect of his personality, and each is more lovable than the last. He is becoming steadily more cuddly, and enjoys lying on my feet whenever I sit down for long enough.

At twelve weeks, Finnegan is the ultimate cool 'dood. Nothing phases him ~ not even thunder, fireworks or visiting the vet for the first time. He's a very sociable pup, and loves to have visitors both human and canine.

His colouring is starting to lighten a little, but he still has beautiful variations of creams, golds and whites throughout his coat. The thing I love the best about his coat aside from the softness is the ease of care. Even when covered with mud and water, if left to dry naturally, Finn will come out clean and soft without any assistance from me. He has no smell except when he's been playing in the fish pond!

Finnegan is nearly four months old now, and I couldn't be happier with him. He is a wonderful, hilarious, intelligent and loving dog who has the most beautiful coat in the world (okay, so I'm biased, but I doubt there are any softer!!). He's growing at a very fast rate, both up and out, and I look forward to finding out just how big he'll get as an adult.