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Elmo's Page

This is Elmo and as you've probably guessed he's a golden doodle.

He lives with us and the others (I'll come to them in a minute) near Portsmouth, Hampshire in the good old U of K (sorry England).

Here's one of Elmo in the snow (we have snow too you know).

Elmo was born on November 22nd 2007. His mum was the most beautiful Golden Retriever and dad a huge apricot standard poodle.

He currently weighs 23kg (about 51 lbs) and is 22” to his shoulder.

He lives with my wife and me (humans are a minority breed in our house) in a house which should have five bedrooms but probably only has one (the rest being bedrooms to various animals).

As well as Elmo we have a black F1 Labradoodle called Freya.

Here they are waiting for a treat.

We also have three border collies, Amber, Enzo and Dusty along with 6 cats Pebbles, Sooty, Sophie, Charlie, Tom and Tiggy the Maine Coon cat who lives indoors.

Here are a few more pictures of Elmo – I’ll try and update his progress as he grows up. Thanks for reading – Rob, Caroline and Elmo (Portsmouth UK)