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Callie's Page
My Gorgeous Groodle “Callie” Greek for “Shes Good” was born on the 24 January 2004. She came to live with me in my suburban home in Perth Western Australia 6 weeks later. At 6 weeks old she weighed 6.5 kg.

At first she slept a lot, and I thought she was deaf for the first few weeks because she wasn’t responding to me. I later figured out that she was just ignoring me because I was annoying her.

After a few weeks she became very cheeky and at ten weeks old I enrolled her training classes. I think the only thing she learned was to sit. She can do a lot more she just choses not to. I always thought she was dumb until “Bark Busters” informed me that she is just a lot smarter than me. She now does as she’s told to a certain extent; she knows when she can get away with it and when I mean business.

At 10 Months old she weighs 23kg (I’m hoping she isn’t going to get any bigger), she is the light of my life she never fails to make me smile. I would rather watch her than the TV any day. She provides my boyfriend and me with hours of entertainment. Her favourite things to do are Play with her best friend Maverick “the border collie” and go to the beach. She loves to swim and will spend hours taking herself in and out of the water. This Christmas Santa is bringing her a paddling pool which she is going to love.

To anyone that is thinking about getting a Groodle. You can’t go wrong. Callie is the Friendliest most lovable dog I have ever met. She is very low maintenance as she can amuse herself for hours. She loves playing with other dogs and Children and gets along with everyone. In the 10 months I have had her she has not growled once. I am looking forward to the many years we are going to spend together.

Bye for now
Suzy & Callie