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Blue's Page
The story of Blue

This is Blue - my Supergroodle. He was born at the 14 October 2005. His dad, Mozart, is a F1 Groodle, his Mum, Topaz, is a purebred Golden Retriever. I first visited the family when the pups were 5 weeks old - and I had to choose one out of 7 boys (the 2 girls were already taken!). I think, in the end he (the one with the blue collar - that's where the name comes from) was the one who chose me. He was always the first one who came to me every time I visited over the next few weeks before I took him home.

Blue at 5 weeks

Finally, at 8 weeks of age, I could take Blue home with me. But look at how much he had changed in these three weeks. This neat little puppy turned into a fluffy, shaggy bear - fantastic! He immediately started to investigate everything and by the evening he was so exhausted that he slept through the first night without crying and whinging, and has done so ever since.

Blue at 10 weeks:

As soon as he was big enough to go down the stairs by himself, without me having to carry him, there were no more accidents in the house anymore. He is very smart. He already sits and let things drop when I tell him, and he eats only, when I allow it. I can hold a treat in front of his nose and he waits till I say “now”. He loves everybody (of course, all visitors come only because of him, to play with him) and everybody loves him. The only thing he does not like so far is, unfortunately, driving in the car - it seems to frighten him. Which is surprising, because otherwise he is not frightened at all. Even in the biggest storm, with lightning and thunder, he just lies in the rain and enjoys getting wet (to then jump onto the sofa…).

Blue at 13 weeks

He is now a bit over 13 weeks old and is growing up bilingual (I am from Germany, living now in Brisbane, so I always talk in a mixture of German and English with him). It was one of the best things that happened to me in 2005, and I am really looking forward to the coming years. I am curious, how he will look (size, hair, colour) when he is fully grown. I certainly will keep you informed.

Blue and Bella

Blue at the beach :

The story of Blue -2-

Time is running fast - Blue is now already 7 months old. He continues to amaze me and (almost) everybody else. Wherever I go with him, people start smiling and asking me what kind of dog he is. He completed puppy preschool and basic obedience training very successfully. Next week, agility class will start and after this we will go to obedience training level 2 - let's see how it goes. Blue is certainly smart enough for it, but sometimes a bit too smart (“She will love me anyway, even if I do not do what she wants…”).

"Hello little duck - want to play with me?"

”Don't forget me!”

”The longest dog in the world - or: I am Superman!”

“Hello, is there anybody out there?”

“What a beauty!”

“What? It wasn't me…”

Blue got his first hair cut (summer is coming here in Australia!)



Update December 2006:

Blue loves the beach

Blue with his friends at the dog park

Blue and his best mate Zeus

Blue's favorite place: with Mom in the hammock

Merry Christmas everyone!