The best site on the net for Dood Rehomes and Rescues is   Rescue Poodle Crossed Dogs
Their team of volunteers provide a website and forum which is continously being updated.  It's the best place to look for Doods available.  Ken hosts the site and offers this advice:
"Key to this for me is always why the current owner is looking to place their dog in a new home and try to assess if the new home is suitable.

Obviously, if the dog hasn't been trained properly and jumps up on people, a 70 lb dog and a 2 yr child is not the best place to start a new home.

I'm one that believes most behavioral issues can be corrected through good and consistent training."

We hope that the following questions act as a guideline as you are searching for a rehome or rescue dog to adopt.  It is a shortened version of the questionnaire used by IDOG.

Rehoming Questions                    Date: _____________________

Current Owner Name     ______________________ Dog Name    ____________________

Street, City, State     _______________________________________________________
Mailing Address          _______________________________________________________
Phone numbers          _______________________________________________________
E-mail address          ________________________________________________________
Date purchased:     ____________________________     Age:  ______________________
Purchased?                               O  Yes      O  No     $________________________

Previous Owner Name     ____________________________________________________
(If applicable)
Street, City, State     _______________________________________________________
Mailing Address          ______________________________________________________
Phone numbers          ______________________________________________________
E-mail address          _______________________________________________________

Date purchased & sold:     _____________ to ________________     Age:  ____________

Purchased?                               O  Yes     O  No     $________________________

Circumstances for Rehoming: _______________________________________________________________________

Selling the Doodle?                         O  Yes      O  No     $________________________

Origin of the Doodle

Kennel Name          _______________________________________________________
Owner Name          ___________________________________________
Street, City, State     __________________________________________
Mailing Address          _____________________________________________________
Phone numbers          _____________________________________________________
E-mail address          ______________________________________________________
Web Site Address     ______________________________________________________

Has this Kennel been notified of the pending rehoming?                         O  Yes      O  No

If no, why not? __________________________________________________________________________

If yes, do they want to assist in the rehoming?                              O Yes     O  No

What type of assisance? ______________________________________________________
Parents of Doodle:  Mother: ______________________    Father: ______________________

About the Doodle

(circle one)

Sex:      O  Male     O Female

Birth date: ______________________________     Current Age: ____________________________

Color: ______________________________________      

Coat Type:          Wavey       1     2     3     4     5      Flat

                              Soft          1     2     3     4     5      Coarse

Shed Factor:      None          1     2     3     4     5      Heavy

Any special markings? __________________________________________________

Tail Docked?               O  Yes      O  No

Dew Claws?                O  Yes      O  No

Current Weight: ______________________________


Spayed/Neutered:      O  Yes      O  No     Age: _______________     Date: ____________________

Has the doodle been:      Microchipped      O  Yes      O  No      or tattooed    O  Yes     O  No

Are Immunizations up-to-date?                O  Yes      O  No

Last Immunization for Rabies:       ____________________     O  Yes      O  No

Last Immunization for Bordetella:     ____________________     O  Yes      O  No
Last immunization for the Parvo Virus:      ____________________     O  Yes      O  No

Last immunization for Distemper:      ____________________     O  Yes      O  No

Last dosage of Flea & Tick:     ____________________     Type used: ______________________

Last dosage of Heart worm:     ____________________     Type used: ______________________

Has the doodle had any ear infections?                         When? __________________________

Has the doodle had diarrhea?                              When? __________________________

Has the doodle had allergies?                              What type? ______________________

Current Veterinarian:      _____________________________________________________

Street, City, State     ________________________________________________________

Phone numbers          ________________________________________________________

Any other medical conditions or concerns? ________________________________________________________



Food brand doodle is eating: ________________________________________________

How often? ________________________    How much at each feeding? ______________

Is the doodle a hearty eater or a picky eater? ____________________________________

Has the doodle ever been given human foods?                        O  Yes      O  No

Treats provided to doodle: ___________________________________________________

Has the doodle ever had:     



Is the doodle house broken?
Was crate training used?
Is the doodle still utilizing the crate?
Has the doodle had any obedience training?
What type of collar does the doodle currently use for training?
O   Flat           O   Gentle Leader     O   Training Chain      O   Prong

Does the doodle know how to:     

Leave it?
Takes Treats Gently?
Potty on demand?

Any special tricks? ___________________________________________________________

Has the doodle been around other dogs?          O  Yes     O  No

If yes, how did the doodle react? _________________________________________________

Has the doodle been around children?           O  Yes      O  No

If yes, how did the doodle react? __________________________________________________

How old were the children? ______________________________________________________

How does the doodle react to strangers? ___________________________________________

Have you had any occasion to be concerned with aggressive behavior?      O  Yes      O  No

If yes, provide details: ________________________________________________________________________


Does the doodle have any special toys or blankets?      O  Yes      O  No

If yes, can we keep the special items with the doodle when the doodle is rehomed?      O  Yes     O  No

The information contained on this site is in no way intended to replace that of proper veterinary advice, diagnosis or treatment.
It is meant to provide resource, so that we can better understand canine health related issues.