The information contained on this site is in no way intended to replace that of proper veterinary advice, diagnosis or treatment.  For more information, see the section on "Health Related Articles".

About Breeding Dogs

Air & Ground Travel
 Traveling With Pets  -  A Car Ride Safety Guide by Marion Bachman
 Traveling With Pets  -  There's a Lot to Learn Before Hitting the Road

Breed Clubs & Info

Coat Color Genetics

HEALTH - Nonprofit. List of veterinary technician programs in the U.S.

Health - Hereditary Information


Poison information


Therapy / Visiting Dogs Training


Vacation & Dog Friendly Places
 Safe Driving with Dogs  -  (thank you Andrew of Teens4Safety)
 Traveling by Car or Truck with Pets   -  (thank you Janelle!)

A special thanks to Jan for putting together this list for the site.

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