Designer dogs, hybrids, doodles split the dog world  -   April 2, 2014
by Jim Lasley

"Blue Sterling of Ontario, Canada, created possibly the first and largest website for doodle fanciers in 2001."

Hypoallergenic hounds:  Many breeds can be easy on the allergies  -  Dec. 14, 2008
Written by Teri Greene

"...According to Web master Blue Sterling of Ontario, the hybrid breed was first deliberately bred in North America in the mid-1990s in an effort to achieve a larger version of the beloved cockapoo.

Dogs without borders?

Sterling's site, and other online dog sources that list "hypoallergenic" breeds, have probably excited many an allergic would-be dog owner..."

Doodle in Obama’s White House Gains Momentum, Becomes Movement, Receives Both Praise and Scorn!  -  Dec. 5, 2008
James Preller's Blog

"...In helping my dog, Daisy, with her research for the “Open Letter to President-Elect Obama,” I found a good website dedicated to Labradoodles and Goldendoodles. Well-organized, well-written, informative..."

What's The Deal With Hybrid Dogs? - August 4, 2008
Written by Melissa Gette

"...A large part of the Doodle’s popularity is due to the supposed non-shedding coat that Conron worked so hard to develop. Some have claimed that the Doodles are even hypoallergenic. This isn’t exactly the case. “A more correct term would be allergy friendly,” says Blue Sterling, Goldendoodle owner and creator of"

The Lottery of Litters  -  2006
by Virginia Parker Guidry

"...Begin your search in the virtual world.  Look for crossbreed sites and crossbreed chat rooms with owner-recommended lists (for example,
     "If a person is looking for a responsible, reputable breeders, Blue Sterling, a doodle owner and webmaster of, has created quite a check and balance system", says Amy Lane, a Goldendoodle breeder from Berkeley Springs, West Virginia...""

Designer Dogs Magazine - Volume 13, 2006
Goldendoodle -  2006
Written by Kathryn Lee

Your safest ways to start your search for a Goldendoodle puppy are with a breeder, through links to the other reputable websites that we've discussed or by checking out breeders you find elsewhere with the tools you have learned here.

Kennel Club Books - Designer Dog Series
Confusing poodle and golden retriever cross the 'newest, sexiest' in doggie fashion
- July 28, 2005
Written by Grace Macaluso

"They're the newest, sexiest yuppie dog.  Everybody's looking to get one," Mr. Strosberg says, Goldendoodles as well as Labradoodles  -  a mix of poodle and Labrador retriever - pictured, are popular with people who watn a family-frienly pup that doesn't shed a lot of fur.  Check out ...'

CanWest News Service / National Post
It's a What?  -  July 18, 2005
Written by Lauren Young

"Responsible breeders stand by the pups and provide a two-year health warranty," says Blue Sterling, a Canadian (owner) of goldendoodles, who lists doodle purveyors at"

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