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Zoe's Page

Zoe is 11 weeks old, 14.5 lbs and was born in Forsyth, GA. Mama was an apricot Standard Poodle and dad a Bernese Mountain Dog. Her folks are the charming pets of the same family, breeders of each variety, but in this case, a "love match" overode others plans...and so 8 Berniedoodles arrived December 16th. She lives in FL at the beaches east of Jacksonville and shares her residence with Casey, a 4 year old Irish Water Spaniel and Scruffy the cat. Lots of grandchildren for play and a devoted "Mom person" have found her a delight.

We look forward to seeing her grow and thrive.


News of Zoe girl:
It's been an adventure!  Zoe just grew and grew and grew!  She was an unreasonable pest to quiet Casey until she reached 6 months.  Housebreaking was no easy chore, but we prevailed.  She is exuberant....loves people, other dogs and life in general.  At 80 pounds, we are happy to have her a polite greeter (at last!)  She will do most anything to please and rolls over to have that tummy rub!  Her appetite outstrips her understanding of dog appropriate food....she will eat ANYTHING...her most recent discovery....a bowl of fruit.  All veggies are interesting as well.  Needless to say, I keep her diet under control, with 2 regular feedings per day.  Hard chew toys are a must....her teeth are huge!
Zoe "works" with Jack in the garden and garage, romps with Casey in the yard frequently, and grooms Scruffy the cat.  Zoe is quite sure she is a lapdog and shares the pictured green chair with me every evening when I come home for the evening.  
She is a lovely, delightfully funny BIG girl!

Our Triplet Granddaughters with 3 month old Zoe

Casey and Zoe help Jack watch football
10 months

Zoe's litter mate Max as puppy

Zoe, Birthday girl, 1 year!