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Tesoro's Page

Oct 14, 2014 :

Meet Tesoro Ryzdynski

Tesoro means Treasure!  She looks it!

My husband and I are handicapped.  We will be able to get her from the trainer soon.  She will then be about 12 weeks old and 'well started'.  Well started on her career as an 'owner trained' Service Dog!

She is an Irish Goldendoodle.  The research we did revealed her mom is 1/2 Golden Retriever and 1/2 Irish Setter, her dad an AKC poodle.  We do not think this combination is all that common yet.  According to one source, that makes her a type 3 Goldendoodle.

We can't wait for her to join our 'pack'!

Sue Ryzdynski

Oct 29, 2014 :

I will be the ‘best’ Service Dog I can: