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Silver's Page

In July of 2004, my family brought home Silver, a male Aussiedoodle puppy, from Burkhart Kennels. He was by far the biggest pup in the litter, and weighed 9 lbs. Now, a little over a year later, he weighs about 60lbs. He is not overweight, but is quite tall.

Silver at 3 months

Silver loves to cuddle, and his favourite place to lie is right on top of you. He doesn't shed at all, and I am not allergic to him like I am to other cats and dogs. He is very smart, and has never chewed any furniture in our house (though he does like to chew socks). He was housetrained easily.

Silver at 4 months

My family was impressed with the cleanliness of Burkhart Kennels, and enjoyed meeting both of Silver's parents, his mother- Australian Shepherd "Princess", and father- Standard Poodle "Goldy". Mrs.Burkhart always had time to let us visit Silver, and used the name we had picked out when herfamily took him outside, so that by the time we brought him home, he knew his name.

Silver at 5 months

Silver loves long walks and runs, especially with other dogs, and needs at least 40 minutes of exercise a day. Whether this is because he is so big or not, we are not sure. He needs frequent brushing when his fur is long, like in the pictures , but we got him buzzed down for the summer, to reduce grooming and keep him cool.

  One year old

Silver with his hair cut

Overall, Silver is very special, and we wouldn't hesitate to get another dog from Burkhart Kennels.

The Clynick family.

Here are some updated photos of Silver at 2½ years old -