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Seamus's Page


Our wonderful Aussiedoodle, Seamus (a.k.a. Seamutt, Shameless, Shameful, just plain Shame) was born on April 17th, 2004.  His Mom is Fancy, Lovina's Australian Shepherd, and his Dad is Curly (??) Seamus and his brother and sisters were Fancy's second litter of Aussiedoodles.

Shawn and I were lucky to see Seamus at 2 days old - the puppies all looked like hamsters at that point!!  We were able to visit Seamus at 4 weeks of age, and 5 weeks of age and see him in action with all of his very cute siblings.  Seamus came home with us on June 11th, 2004 and we absolutely fell in love with him.  

He has transformed our lives; we love having him with us. We recently moved to a new neighborhood and got to know the neighbours very quickly because of Seamus.  A walk with Seamus almost always involved several people stopping us to ask, “What kind of dog is that?” Everyone seems to have his or her own opinion on what Seamus resembles:  a muppet, Sprocket the dog from the Fraggle Rock show, a Gund stuff toy…

Seamus is bouncy like a doodle.  He is very loving, bright, inquisitive, and is quite an “imp”!!  He loves everyone, and is so enthusiastic when he meets new people and dogs.  He loves our cats…. although I don't think the cats feel quite the same way about Seamus as the rest of us.

Seamus at 5 weeks - just too cute!!

Seamus' brother at 5 weeks of age.

Running with Mom and the siblings on the farm.  
   (Seamus far right, six weeks of age)

Seamus first night home - the inaugural walk with Barb - I think the  weeds are bigger than Seamus!!

Seamus' first night at home... 3:00 AM on the front porch, and he's wide awake…. can't say the same for us!!

Seamus' “hiding” under the chair (approx. 10 weeks old)

  “…whew….being an Aussiedoodle is hard work!!'

Seamus with his best friend and neighbour (a very patient) Radar.     (approx.10 weeks old)

“…now if I sit real still, I might get that doggie treat….yummie..”

Playing with my “cousin” goldiedoodle, Maggie.    (approx. 12 weeks old)

“I love the feel of the wind on my fur, nothing beats traveling in the car.”

Rhett….where will I go…what'll I do…??!!”

(Seamus nursing a bad cut and stitches…I don't think he's happy that I included his “Southern Belle” photo!)   

Seamus' visit to my friend's farm.  It was a busy and exciting day!  

(approx. 12 weeks old)

Just look at those ears…he's ready for take-off!!

“….gotta…get…that….itch…!!   (approx. 16 weeks old)

Stuffed toy…available at Doodle Toys R Us       (approx. 15 weeks old)

Seamus' Grade One Graduation photo  (approx. 6 months old)