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Kahlua's Page

In Nov Dec I was looking for an Aussie Doodle (was led ) to Lovina Burkhart, and I ended up buying a great dog from her.

Our Dood is chocolate brown, and we named her Kahlua. She was born Nov. 19th, and I got her as a Christmas present to the family after we had to put down our 15 year old Australian Shepherd in November.

Anyway, we took delivery of Kahlua (via Air Canada from Ontario to Tampa, Florida) back in January...

Kahlua is an awesome pup. Great personality, loves to be surrounded by the family, and is extremely smart and well-behaved. We love her to pieces. My teenage boys have her catching soft frisbees and she rings bells on a string at the front door to go out. She has taken her rightful spot as a full-fledged family member.

Thanks for hooking me up with Lovina, and please pass on the word to her that Kahlua is doing fantastic!

Kahlua at 2 months

2.5 months

Kahlua helping with the dishes