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Brigus's Page

Just found your website and was perplexed to not find the coolest of all doodles - the AUSSIEDOODLE! To correct what I can only guess is a most unfortunate (and unintentional!?) oversight, I've included some snaps of our super-doodle.

My wife and I adopted "Brigus" from Burkhart Kennels in Elmira, Ontario. The breeder (Levina Burkhart) was superb. To say we're happy with Brigus is a gross understatement. He is very even-tempered, affectionate, intelligent (sometimes too intelligent!) and a pleasure to have around.

The Australian Sheppard/Poodle mix is a rare and undiscovered canine. I whole-heartedly endorse this "breed", and in particular Brigus' breeder, Burkhart Kennels. Hope you like the pics; it's not easy taking a picture of a black dog!

Brigus has white tips on both back paws, white blaze on his chest, and a small white spot on his throat. The rest of him is black (with the occasional white hair for that salt/pepper look). His dad was Bentley, and his mom Fancy. I met one of Brigus' brothers in January in the park; turns out the owners live two blocks away! Small world. It would appear that Bentley was quite, um prolific! A lot of his progeny about! As far as the energy level goes, he's suprisingly mellow. Loves to run in the park, but is very laid back once inside. All in all he's quite a treat.