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Bradley's Page

Bradley is from Phoenix, Arizona. He is now 12 months old and from a Rough Collie / Standard Poodle. He is so loving and loyal. He thinks he is a little lap dog at 65lbs. Loves to play ball and is so gentle. My Wife bought him for me after loosing my buddy Daisy, who was a Sheltie. Bradley had some big shoes to fill and he has did well. I can't recommend enough to anyone wanting to get a Doodle, they are great loving dogs with almost no shedding.

Bradley's first day at his new home. Our Daughter bought him this BIG igloo to live in. 4 months old.

All fluffy from a bath. Here he is 5 months old.

He looks very cool with his Dr. Seuss' Cindy Lou hair do on top. 7 months

Just chilling after lunch. 8 months.

Bradley gets along with cats, dogs, kids and adults. Here he is sleeping next to our 13 year old English Springer Spaniel. 10 months.