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Blu's Page

Blu--a Burkhardt Kennel product

This is Blu who at 3 is 60lb.  He was born 7/03

Blu was one in this photo

His mother is Fancy, dad, Bentley.
Wonderful; warm, loving and gentle, smart, obedient, loyal.

His sister, Geri is also in St. Louis.  This is a great and special animal that is selective, expressive, affectionate and fun.

At eight months, he jumped in a pond at our Forest Park.
He swims, likes being bathed, car trips and did well
in puppy classes at Pet Smart, too. There, he showed
his lineage and superior breeding came out.

I'd ad that:
he's non-shedding, mild mannered, affectionate, and a wonderful watch dog with a keen protective sense and a good bark. He's a great partner as I'm single and a good friend to my friends and older parents.