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Augie's Page

I have a Chiwockapoo. The dog is a cross of the father Chiwawa and the Mother cockapoo. Here is a picture of him. He was one of five pups. The mother had 4 boys and a girl. They were all given to good homes at no charge. Mother and son are with me. He is about 7 pounds. Has the body of a chiwawa, hair type of his momma, color of both. Attitude of a chiwawa and kindness of the cockapoo. He chases birds and squirls and does a lot of yipp yacking when he is out in the yard. Likes to dig holes under my fence and has become quite the escape artist. He has very sensitive hearing and does not like thunder or fireworks or motor cycles. yet he can hear the slightest thing outside the house and barks appropriately. He is inquisitive and cautious and follows me everywhere. He likes to sleep ALOT....but can bounce into action immediately. Oh yea, and he licks everything....Thats quite annoying.