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Taylor's Page

Taylor was born in March of 2001 at Glen Eden Kennels in Virginia and now lives with the Neiman Family.

Taylor is our 7 month old labradoodle from Glen Eden. Taylor is an F2 Female. We absolutely love her. Although this picture is a bit dated her face is pretty much the same. She is growing like a weed.

Update - November 2002

Well the Nieman's are loving our darling doodle, Taylor. Taylor is a little over 1.5 years and just really turning into a great dog. Had a heck of a time with her as a pup, very hyper!! But I tell you this pup is the center of our world!!

We are constantly grinning at the silly things she does, totally entertaining. I think pets are just the best therapy ever.

Daddy's chair


Football, anyone?

Nighty nite

Neiman kids