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Samson's Page
Samson was born on October 24, 2000.  He now shares his life with Ruth in Maryland.

Samson enjoying some
leisure time in his
living room

 I keep the Animal Planet on the t.v. for him during the day.

A story about Samson:

One time he got out of his crate during the day (my fault, I didn't lock properly). He got into the cat food and ate a good amount. I got home from work that afternoon and even before I opended the front door.......I could "smell" it! Oh my gosh! What a MESS!!!

He came bounding down the stairs when he heard me come in with a big smile on his face as if to say "Mom, thanks for letting me play in the house all day!" There was major diarrhea on all 3 floors of my house (from eating the cat food). He had torn up a lot of stuff and chewed up a lot of stuff. I just stood in the doorway when I got home with my jaw to the ground for about a minute. I then "got to work."

How's that for a story!


wanna come over and play?