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Raven Hawk's Page

Raven Hawk is a solid black F2 Labradoodle and in pictures has the most vivid blue eyes.
Not red eye like most dogs. She is from two black Labradoodles. When choosing Raven, I looked for the curliest and softest hair and even now people comment on how soft her hair is. I also was looking for a Labradoodle with a docked tail and Raven's tail was already docked, a great selling point for me.

This is the first picture I took of my Raven Hawk
She is 5 weeks old.

Raven at 7 weeks and starting to follow her nose and without trying, make us fall madly in love with her.

This is Raven at 9 weeks and she is starting to show us her comical side.
She's such a character. Can't you just see it in her face?

At 8:00pm on April 17, 2006 Raven Hawk was bitten by a snake (a copperhead).
And not just one snake, but two snakes. Yep, you're reading this right! The veterinarian said
that the smaller snake bite left no venom, but that the larger snake bite gave her full venom.
She has made a full and complete recovery, with no adverse effects. But the fact that she was only
11 weeks old and weighed 11 pounds. I truly believe she is my miracle baby.

Raven Hawk Gryphon as of 7/18/06 24 weeks and weighing 32 lbs. She has the sweetest temperament and has been really easy to train, and so very smart. Raven doesn't shed now since she lost most of her baby coat. I've also noticed Raven doesn't have that bad doggy smell, but then Raven's mostly an indoor dog. Raven has the appetite of a lab and the bark of a lab, but the agility and springiness of a poodle.
I hope to keep you informed as Raven informs me. J