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Poop&Happy's Page

Poop is a 6 year old Black male Labradoodle who is the apple of Mike's eye. He is an F1 cross between a white standard poodle, and a black lab. He was an accident as the owner of the Poodle intended to breed the Poodle to another Poodle and sell the pups.

As Mike says, "My dog, Poop, (yes Poop) has the temperament of a saint, the looks of a Greek God, and is perfectly conformed. You might say I'm prejudiced, and I am, but he is one beautiful dog."  (We agree!)
This must be
what they call
a dog's life...
Oh ya...
just look at that
magnificant tail !

Theresa and Poop at the Kinzua Bridge - 301 feet
(once the highest railroad bridge in the world)
near Mount Jewett, Pennsylvania

a day in the life of
   lucky boy!

...there may be some
little Poops in the future...

Poop & I went up to visit by brother in Ashtabula Ohio.  We went out on Lake Erie and went swimming -- that was a trip -- We were in 17 feet of water, and that's quite a bit different than swimming in our backyard above ground pool.  

Poop would jump off the boat and swim straight for the cushions we had tied to the boat.  Alas, they were too small to hold him, so he grabbed them with his mouth.  He did fine in the water, but it was hard getting him back on the boat, as it was pretty high up to the ladder.  We grabbed him by his collar ( until that slipped off, and went to the bottom of the lake, that is)  As soon as he got out he wanted to go right back in.

Poop has found his bride - a Labradoodle named Ellie.  After a few dates, it was confirmed that Ellie had a belly!  ...... and then..... the announcement.....

The puppies are here! Ellie had 13 in all! However, only 9 survived. They came 4-5 days earlier than expected. Nobody was home when it started, but Ellie's "dad" came home around lunch time to check on them, and found quite a mess when he got there.  He found 5 healthy ones with Ellie, on their bed. Unfortunately two others were stillborn.  By the time he called me (around 2:00) there were 10 born and 8 alive. By the time I got there, another was born, and after I got there.  So there are nine that appear to be doing fine.

They are 25 days old now, and doing great! -- all nine of them. They are walking around eyes open -- don't think they can hear, at least much, yet, are getting their back teeth and are just starting to eat mushy food. They are cute as a bell!

My experience with this breeding has been a happy one. Both Ellie's family and I bred because we wanted to share this great breed with others. And I have made some great new friends.

Mike has decided to keep one of the male pups.  The baby, I'm calling him Happy, will not leave Poop alone, and the poor (big) boy just wants some peace. We will see how it works out for them.  Right now, I think Poop needs a few more hugs so that he knows he is still the one!

Happy 'n Poop

Ellie's coat is as shiny as it appears in the pictures. Happy's is a little more muted, but is very soft. I'm wondering what his coat will be like when he matures. Right now, he has short hair on his tail, and I hope that changes...