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Pickles' Page

Pickles is our sweet rescue labradoodle. She came to us when she was just about 12 weeks old. We have had great fun watching her grow into those gangly long legs of hers. She is the sweetest, most loving dog we have ever known. The picture in the red bandana was taken around her 6 month mark, when we got that bandana at an arts and crafts fair in the park. The close up was taken at about 9 months old, on a rainy day. She looks so pensive! There is one of her playing with her Rhodesian Ridgeback friend, Greta, and another of her as a puppy digging in the dirt under the deck, a favorite activity.

Pickles & Greta

Pickles in her red bandana

Pickles under the deck

New photos of Pickles at 11 months old!  She has started getting silver in her legs, tush, and back.

Gorgeous girl

Pickles and Mom

Here she is!