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Noodle's Page

Noodle the Labradoodle

Noodle is by far the most spoiled dog I've ever had.  Most people graduate from allowing dogs to do anything, into keeping them outside and off the furniture as they get older (and wiser).  My husband and I have gone full circle I suppose into foolishness.  Noodle has free reign of the house including our bed.  At 7 months he's now over 60 pounds and huge, but that does not stop us from sharing our small double bed -- well, because he's so darned cute.  He has this habit of putting on a full smile when he's happy which is irresistible.  

Noodle's brother is Mulligan on this site.  He and his siblings were born to Seika, the gorgeous apricot poodle.  We had a sibling get together this summer with 5 of the siblings and Seika (and parents of course) which was a blast.  They really enjoyed visiting with each other.   Noodle is a unique individual, being the only sibling with blueish green eyes and a liver nose.  The remainder have black points.  You can tell they are all family though.  And all quite well behaved!

Noodle at 6.5 weeks

on the day he was brought home

School was kind to Noodle and was necessary, which has become more apparent as he goes through his teenage stage.  He walks well and listens well.  He does paw, other paw and both, working his way up to a full patty cake game.  He's a good jumper, which we knew, but did not know the extent of it until he ate 24 cookies off of the counter!   We are slowly weaning him off his counter escapades and his chewing phase has definitely subsided (thank goodness!).

Noodle at 11 weeks and wet!

Noodle's best friend, even more so than myself and Brendan, is Mowgli.  She's our 8 year old dog who tragically lost her brother earlier this year.  She puts up with his pulling and jumping and pestering, probably because he's so darned cute!  They have worn a mud track around our gardens where they chase each other for hours on end.  I can't imagine a better dog.  Enjoy!

Noodle at 14 weeks(ish)

Noodle at 16 weeks

Noodle at 7 months
all grown up!  (we think)

Noodle and his best friend Mowgli at 7 months (a couple of weeks ago)

Noodle at 8mos with snow beard

8 mos covered in snowballs

Happy St. Paddys day to you!   What a charming Irish lad, eh?   He's 11.5 months old.   Doesn't he put up with a lot?

This is Noodle Kugel and Butter Strudel our AKC standard poodle and future bride hopeful for Noodle.
She's 7 mos in this picture...

Aren't they such a cute couple?

Noodle & Butter
10 months

Butter and Noodle finally had, well, buttered noodles!! Eleven of them!!

Butter pregs

Buttered Noodles at two days old -

Buttered Noodles - Day 5

At 3 weeks old -


Blue Boy
Fuschia Girl

Green Girl
Light Blue Girl

Orange Boy
Purple Boy

Rainbow Boy
Red Boy

Yellow Girl
Rainbow Girl

Red Girl

The last remaining pup of the litter  ---   Blue Boy

We have one pup left. It's amazing he's still here. He's a beautiful curly coated male with a nice head and coat. He's fun and loving.  Too cute!!