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Mulligan's Page

Mulligan, an American F1 Labradoodle, is the apple of my eye. I am Kat, a school teacher with allergies and asthma...I thought dog-ownership was out for me until I found this wonderful hybrid. Mulligan was born on a beautiful farm in Vermont, one of eight, to the georgeous Seika, an apricot standard poodle. Dusty, the father, is a stunning yellow lab. The pups were born on March 27th of 2002, with Dori, the breeder, overseeing the happy event. The litter of four males and four females, with four carmels, two blacks and two apricots was healthy and well cared for in their first eight weeks.

I drove from Long Island to Vermont to pick-up Mulligan at eight weeks...and so began the wonderful tale of Kat and Mulligan...

I couldn't ask for a better companion. Mullie, as he is affectionately called, is gregarious, energetic, enthusiastic, and courageous. He is as inquisitive as he is affectionate and as feisty as he is mellow. The first four-and-a-half months have been bliss.

We drove to Orlando, Florida for the summer months (July and August) to be with Nana and the family. Mulligan has thoroughly enjoyed his "cousins" (Patch, the English Setter and Lucky, the Dalmation). He's become quite the wrestler. He did marvelously on the 20 hour drive down--no problems whatsoever!

Mulligan met the knife at four months of age...his "alteration" went well and he never skipped a beat. Patch's vet took Mullie in as one of his own! Puppy Kindergarten has been fascinating. We found a lovely training facility in Sanford, Florida. PJ, the trainer, loves Mullie and we love the clicker training we are learning! PJ actually trained with Ian Dunbar, so we are very blessed!

We have a few more weeks of summer and then on to bigger and better things. Mulligan has proven he has the perfect personality for being a "people dog". Next summer, we're hoping to train to be a therapy team to bring some cheer and laughs to those in need.

We'll post more as we grow...keep checking!

"Here's Mulligan at 6 months (September, 2002) taking a dip. He LOVES the water almost as much as he loves digging holes in the yard!"

"Here he is at 8 months in November, 2002. How can a cutie like this ever do anything wrong? Let me count the ways!   Mullie actually does very well with the training we've undergone.  Sometimes we marvel at his eagerness to please!"

"We moved to a new house in November, so Mulligan had a blast getting to know all the new nooks and crannies! He has earned run of most of the house and enjoys every minute of it!"

"Sometimes we think he's possessed (by an angel!)...what do you think?"

"At eight months old, Mulligan is maturing into such a well-behaved dog. His coat has stayed wavy--though we're suffering through coat transition which comes with some serious shedding!  He is definitely silver, though with some golden tones by his snout...he looks like he's done a face plant in liquid gold! He's 65 pounds of pure LOVE!"

Mulligan is 14 months old now! I can't believe it.

"Mulligan proved his love for the white stuff over and over this winter. We certainly did get our share of it!"

(9 months old)

"You wouldn't know from this picture that Mulligan loves water. I guess baths are different from pools and oceans..."

"...and a Happy New Year!"

"How can you not love a face like this? Suddenly the shoe-chewing fettish doesn't seem so terrible!"

(14 months old)

"Kat...stop talking and

"Life is great...green grass, good food, shoes to chew...what's not to love?"

Mulligan has continued to be a marvel. His patience and desire to frolic make him a great family pet. He has made the trip from Long Island to Orlando three times with great success. At 80 pounds, he seems finished growing and shows more and more maturity every day. This summer holds further training, including therapy training and hopefully agility training.

"Here's Mulligan at 21 months. He's
matured into a loving mush who still wants to have his way.

And at nearly 90 pounds, he often GETS his way!"

"Here he is writing his letter to
Santa...He asked for all things related to peanut butter...go figure!"

"All that writing sure did make him tired!"

 "He's been LOVING all the white stuff we've gotten this winter. The dozens of snowballs
that stick to his legs are 'interesting' to try to remove!

We've learned to love the blow dryer."

"Mulligan figures a sure way
to get what he wants from Santa is to join his merry band of reindeers!

'On Comet, on Donner, on Mulligan????"