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Marley's Story

We are absolutely thrilled with our chocolate labradoodle. Marley is now 4 months old. What a laugh we have watching him gallop around with his large clumsy paws.

Our decision to purchase a Labradoodle came about quite spontaneously. I met an adorable labradoodle at the vets office. After speaking briefly with Lovina about the latest litters I immediately sent a deposit cheque. My casual research on the breed began only after we had already committed to a Labradoodle. We hoped we wouldn't regret our spontaneous decision.

Marley finally arrived home December 13th at 9 weeks old. We had only seen a photo of him at 5 weeks. He is so incredibly adorable. We tried to prepare our family for all the expected difficulties a new puppy can bring. Marley surprised us all. He was house trained in 3 days. Slept through the night immediately. He's calm and listens well. Our cats would have a different opinion of him.

Marley comes from a female chocolate lab and male light chocolate standard poodle. His coat is shaggy and curly and so far doesn't shed. His coat is changing colors...we are noticing light grey hairs. We're not certain what color he'll end up. We can't believe how fast he's growing. In just a few short weeks he grew from 12 lbs to 35 lbs.

Lovina was a charm to deal with. We never met her but spoke with her frequently. We would love to visit the farm one day. Perhaps when we get our second labradoodle.

at 4 months

at 6 months

The Burton Family, Ottawa, Canada