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Lucy's Page

I love Lucy!

That's what my husband and I thought the first time we saw our puppy, she has the hair color and personality of Lucille Ball, what a comic she has turned out to be! Lucy is the sibling of Mulligan and Noodle, both on this website.

She was born in Vermont and made her way
to our home in Maine
one lovely spring day.

Because of my allergies we decided the Labradoodle was the dog for us. Lucy quickly found her way into our hearts. As a puppy she liked to stay home instead of walking the neighborhood.

Lucy decided at an early age that she would be my "little" lap dog.

At 57 pounds now she still likes to sit in my lap on our car rides.  Along with my husband and I, Lucy has been bit by the travel bug. Together we traveled across the United States and Canada, all before her first birthday!

Some of the highlights on our trip were hiking in the Utah desert.

Visiting Niagara falls

Climbing mountains in Oregon

Lucy's other talents include jumping 5 feet high while in a standing position, being the family comedian, playing with other dogs for hours on end and taking up most of our bed when she sleeps.

Cheers to all the Labradoodles out there who bring joy to our lives!