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Lucky & Sassy & Angel's Page

Lucky was born on October 13, 2001 at Tegan Park, Australia. His mother was Cookie and his father Shannon. He is a silver mini, with a borderline coat. He lives with Billy, Barbie, and all 4 kids in Connecticut. He is one smart doodle! Learns different things very quickly.

Lucky at
7 weeks

Lucky at 10 weeks

Lucky at 15 weeks

Home at last!

I love these dogs, they are the best. Lucky is the smartest, and picks up different tricks very quickly! It amazes me everytime. Sassy we taught to sit in a day, now she just does it. Both are very calm doodles compared to some. They need minimal exercise (so far).

Lucky loves the snow, (when we have it) we haven't had much at all this year.

Maybe next year.

Billy, Kristie & Lucky

trucking through the snow

Lucky with his

sweater on!

Sassy is settling in just fine. She went to the vet today and is a little over 13 lbs at almost 11 weeks. Lucky at 5 months weighs a little over 12 pounds. He is a little taller, but not for long. It is fun to watch them play together, or ~rest~ together. They tire me out just watching them.

Lucky & Sassy

too tired...

Chillin' with

Kristie & Mike

Lucky's fur is the best, he looks like a hobo! Ok, Ok I guess I can't say enough good things about him!


Kristi, Lucky & Sassy

Sassy is almost 11 weeks old. She is a cream curly from Tegan Park. Her mom is Bree and her dad is Rutland Huggie. He is the mellowest dog I have ever seen! All the pictures of her are at 10-11 weeks


Here is another pic of Lucky & Sassy. Taken on Apr 4th. Sassy is 19.6lbs at 3.5 months. Lucky is 20 lbs at 6 months. They both are awesome dogs!

Lucky at 8 months

growing up handsome!

Sassy yum

at almost 6 months

Lucky, with Sassy peeking out behind


Yesterday I received Angel from Tegan Park. She was born on 9/22/02 and is my new breeding female.

Angel sitting in the chair

Angel with Brian