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Jefford's Page

Jefford's parents are Molly, a multi-gen Labradoodle, and Emmet, half Standard Poodle/half Red and White Irish Setter. He now shares his life with the Bortz Family.

He really is a joy and just loves everything and everyone-- we've exposed him to tons and haven't even seen a fear yet except for my lawn mower which is the motorless push variety! (now he's ok with it and thinks its his playmate like everything else).

Hello neighbors

Lamby in chops

I think Deenah did an amazing job during Jeffords' first seven/eight weeks. He's so smart too- he has tons of commands, even ones we didn't mean to teach him, like the word "out" or his friend "Rufus" and "go find dad/ mom".

Jeffords on bed

cute puppy


Out Cold with shoes


This shoe smells like roses