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Jasper's Page

Jasper's birthday is June 16, 2001.  He was born on Lovina's farm and now lives in Toronto with the Walker family.  His mom is Sasha, a black Lab, and his dad is Bentley, a standard white poodle.  His littermates on this site are Ripley and Amber.

What can I say about him???  He's a crazy little man, getting bigger and funnier each day.  He loves his daddy and his favorite toy is his Bear.  

Jasper loves to cuddle and play catch

He's been sitting, giving a paw and lying down on command since the second week he was with us.  He has full run of our house and loves to pull dirty laundry out of the basket and parade around the house with it.  

Together we go on long walks and jogs, and he loves to stay with his grandparents.
We love our little man to bits.