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Jake's Page

Jake was born at Lovina's farm, in Wallenstein Ontario, on August 22, 2004.  His mother is a Sugar, a yellow lab, and Ginger, his father, a brown standard poodle.


August 27th

In a litter of 5 there were 3 brown and 2 black.  Jake is one of the black males.   He came home at the age of  7 weeks, on Thanksgiving weekend.  Lovina was kind enough to allow visitation almost weekly, and it was great to see him grow.  He appeared to be the biggest of the litter!!

Upon arrival home, he was about 12 pounds.  House training was really a breeze, and took about a week, and sleeping through the night after just a few days!!  He was crate trained from the beginning and loves his special place in the kitchen.

At the age of 4 months, he can sit, lie down, shake a paw. He is just starting puppy school and is the biggest and friskiest puppy in the class.   He loves to socialize and play with visitors, human or canine.    

In these photos, Jake is now 6 1/2 months old and show a before and after his first haircut.
He now weighs 58 pounds.

Before..... and ..... After

We can't keep Jake out of the water at the cottage...he loves to fetch anything floating!! Here he is 10 months old and showing off his diving skills...July 2005

After a haircut in October, he is now ready for Halloween..13 1/2 months, October 2005.