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Harley's Page

Harley was born on 4-12-02, at Canadoodles in British Columbia.  Harley now lives in the Tampa Bay, Florida area with David and Jen, our son Austin and our two yorkies, Sadie and Sammie.

Austin & Harley

Summer 2002

I am also sending two new pictures of Harley. They are both at three months old, one is just before her new haircut and the other is her in her summer cut, almost shaved right down.


Harley's favorite thing to do is to literally sit on Sammie (the smallest yorkie). Of course, Sammie is not impressed with the situation...but puts up with it anyway. Sammie is so little that when she warns Harley to stop bothering her, Harley just sits on her...but never hurts her because Harley is pretty gentle with the yorkies and our son.