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Dyson's Page

Dyson was born October 12, 2001 in Condobolin, New South Wales, Australia.  He is one of Kate's miniature labradoodles, and he now makes his home with Todd & Stephanie Minnella in California.  His father is an apricot mini/toy poodle cross, and his mother is a golden lab.

mini baby Dyson

The day after we brought him home, we took him with us on a cross-country plane trip. (He was still small enough to fit comfortably in a soft-sided sherpa bag.) He slept for the entire flight -- both ways!  The flight attendants could not believe we had a puppy with us because he was so quiet.

sleeping in one of the
things I do best!

...and just being adorable


He recently graduated from puppy kindergarden (February 2002) and is now on to basic obedience. He learns commands really quickly, especially when he is rewarded with treats!  

There wasn't any snow in

ahhh....much better

better yet!

He loves meeting new people and new dogs and enjoys playing fetch with the many toys we buy for him (current favorites include his fuzzy man, a rubber squeaky toy, and a practice retrieving bumper).  

Dyson also loves frolicking with his two basset hound "great aunts" who live nearby.

wet doodle

Time for our walk,

Let's go!!

Lots more photos of Dyson can be found at

At 7 months, Dyson now weighs 32 pounds!

just taking in the sun.....

Dyson is now almost a year old (roughly 38 pounds).

cute as a button

all this activity......

... makes Dyson a sleepy Dood....

Dyson is now 2 1/2 years old, weighs 38 pounds, and is roughly 17-18" tall at the shoulder. We have been keeping his coat relatively short since it stays warm most of the year in San Diego. He has been competing in flyball since August 2003 and has earned his first three flyball titles (FD, FDX, and FDCh). Dyson now has a rescued border collie for a big sister and flyball teammate. They get along very well, though Dyson wishes she would play with him more and herd him less! Even at 2, he is still very playful.

We can't believe that Dyson is now 3 years old. He is still the same size  (19" at the shoulder -- we finally measured -- and 38 lbs). He still has lots of energy and enthusiasm and is very puppy-like in many ways. Dyson is still crazy for flyball: in September he earned his Flyball Master (FM) title.