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DeFrisco & Jamocha & Jilin's Page

DeFrisco is a cream, wavy coated, large miniature male from Rutland Manor in Australia. He is what is called a multi-generation dog bred from several generations of labradoodles. His dad is Rutland's Hearthrob, AKA Huggie, a chocolate miniature labradoodle. His mom is Rutland's Peach Pie, a cream, large miniature labradoodle. DeFrisco was born on May 26, 2002. He lives with us in beautiful Eugene, Oregon and adores our 4 children and 3 other dogs. He has the greatest personality and temperament! So fun loving and comical, and loves everyone and everything he meets! He will probably be about 18" tall and weigh around 25 lbs when full grown.

12 wks

12 wks,
total stud!

16 wks
"I love these sand dunes!
Oregon's the greatest!

6 mths
"Am I blending in yet?


Jamocha is a chocolate, standard size female purchased from Cortland Labradoodles. She is a multi-generation labradoodle as well. Her dad is Tegan Park Ima Collectors, AKA Chester, a chocolate standard size labradoodle. Her mom is beautiful Rutland's Angel, a cream medium size labradoodle brought to the states from Rutland Manor while she was in whelp. Jamocha was born on December 14, 2001. She shares the same birthday as my husband! Jamocha is a gentle and usually quiet dog. She doesn't seem to realize she is so big, and insists on always trying to climb into our laps! She is about 24" tall, and weighs about 55 lbs.

9 mths

11 mths

Jamocha 10 mths,
 Jilin 11 mths


Jilin is a silver, medium size first cross labradoodle from Glen Eden. Her dad is Donatello III, a chocolate Labrador Retriever. Her mom is Sadie's Oil Trust, a black standard poodle. Jilin was born on November 2, 2001. Jilin is incredibly intelligent, very fun loving and at times mischievous, but also very submissive. She'll try to get away with what she can when you aren't looking, but is oh so sweet and perfect mannered when you have your eyes on her! If we hadn't caught her in the act several times, we would never believe she can be so naughty! She loves to snuggle and wants so badly to be brushed and petted all the time. Jilin is about 21" tall, and weighs about 45 lbs. She was named after the province in China where our youngest daughter was born.

14 wks

10 mths

The last pic is of our kids, the socialization crew and pooper scoopers for all our dogs!