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Coco's Page

Coco , a female Labradoodle was born Nov. 11, 2004 from a chocolate lab mother and a chocolate poodle father. She was picked from a litter of 7 using the puppy test described in the book, The Monks Of New Skeet, because she retrieved a wad of paper 5 times at 49 days old and showed no signs of being gun shy. Obviously, I wanted a hunting dog that would retrieve!

She is super smart, sits, retrieves, stays, heels, and comes on command and she is the first dog I ever tried to train. I used a book as my guide. Coco weighs 51 lbs and runs along side my motorcycle for 5 miles or more - she has lots of stamina! I am 72 so I ride! She will even break thin ice to retrieve a dummy or bird and will try to go down a gofer hole after a wounded pheasant! I use her primarily to retrieve doves and pheasants, sometimes quail on a game farm.

She was born in a family of 8 small children and I attribute her not being gun shy and very friendly to the fact that she was loved and accustomed to noise from the day she was born!