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Bocker's Page

Bocker was born July 11, 2003 at Small Hills Oodles of Doodles in Winchester, Va. His mommy is Missy, a beautiful black lab and his dad is a very special poodle, Bailey. He is now living with Marie and Steve in Athens, NY. Bocker is a really special labradoodle and is very smart and oh so cute. He does know he gets over on his looks just by the way he posses for pictures. What a wonderful addition to our family. Our cat is named Knicki and now Bocker - all a result of Marie being a NY Knickerbocker fan.

First pic of Bocker
8 weeks old:

Three to four months old and getting cuter and bigger all the time. Look at those paws.   Within a little over a month he went from 11 lbs. to 19 lbs. and still growing.

Always hungry

And then it's nap time

Bocker is growing fast....at almost 5 months, he's 37 lbs.

help preparing Thanksgiving dinner

what a big boy

Bocker is now six months old and 52 lbs.  He loves to help in the kitchen. (Always hoping some food will fall his way)

Bocker has his own website!   Check it out at ---   www.bocker.tv