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Abby's Page

Do I smell food?

Abby lives with Josephine and Jonathan in Rockville, MD. She was born at Glen Eden on August 27, 2002. Her mother is a Black Lab and father is an Apricot Poodle.

11.5 weeks

Abby was the only chocolate female among her 7 siblings.

11.5 weeks

Abby loves people. Abby loves people. Abby loves people.

Abby with Mum  (12 weeks)

I'm almost 12 weeks

After 2 weeks, she learned to go into her crate quietly and sleep all night except for potty breaks. She sits by the door when she needs to go out. She understands 'SIT', 'FETCH', 'GIVE', and we are just starting on 'STAY'. We are very impressed.

sleeping doodle

We love Abby very much.

Abby has her own website at http://abbyslair.tripod.com/